cairns oneil offers TV advertising services


TV Advertising

Television viewing has really changed over the years, from the breadth of programming available to the way the viewer interacts with that programming. On computer, mobile, tablet and TV. What hasn’t changed is television’s tremendous ability to reach and influence your customers like no other media.

This has been the impetus for our approach to television media planning and buying.

First, we don’t separate planner from buyer. We believe the best person to execute the buy is the media planner, as the nuances of the television advertising strategy are rarely well transmitted in a TV buying brief to a buyer churning out multiple buys across a myriad of projects.

Secondly, we use a variety of syndicated and proprietary research to isolate our target audience’s specific viewing habits. How they interact with the medium. What’s important to them.

We love to negotiate. It’s in our DNA, and is part of winning for our clients, delivering the maximum ROI. We have superior negotiating skills and strong supplier relationships that help make your advertising budget work harder.